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The Friends of the Carrillo Adobe (FCA) have undertaken the task of restoring the Carrillo Adobe to enable the public to look back over 150 years in history to a time when this structure was the center of a working rancho, Rancho Cabeza de Santa Rosa, and the home of Santa Rosa's pioneer family. We picture the adobe as it was in the 1830's, completely restored and furnished to the period. Interpretive displays will show the historical significance of this rancho, the connection and contrast with the neighboring Sonoma and Petaluma adobes, and the role played by native Americans in the rancho operation. There will be a corral, outdoor oven, and additional outer buildings, all involved in the daily rancho life. The restored Carrillo adobe will be a "house museum" with regularly scheduled hours. Living histories and other special events at the adobe will provide a physical link to our past and show that the adobe was the foundation of today's Santa Rosa.

The Friends of the Carrillo Adobe look at this project as our last opportunity to preserve an important architectural and social link with Santa Rosa's pre-American past.

Julio Carrillo
August 05, 2001